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What is the investment cost of photovoltaic power generation?

he core components in the cost are solar panels and inverters, which are also the two most expensive components. The string circuit design system uses a centralized inverter, and the system is factory-sold for 10 yuan / W; the parallel circuit design uses a micro-inverter, which is safer for household use but more expensive, and the factory direct sales is 12 yuan- 15 yuan / W, depending on what inverter you use.

After 08 years of solar panel industry competition, the technology is very mature, the technical capabilities are homogeneous, there is no fundamental difference, the same standard power, different manufacturers, different raw materials, and different prices. For example, a bad EVA film will affect the life of the solar panel, and the battery chip and assembly process affect the efficiency of power generation. It is still necessary to choose a first-line brand. The purchase channel is also very important. Many manufacturers now have their own project companies. They are direct sales of systems and products, and they all bear the warranty responsibility. The purchase on the online platform is not reliable.

Another difference between solar panels is single crystal / polycrystalline. The price difference between single crystal and polycrystalline is quite large. The price of single crystal board is within 5 yuan per watt. Polycrystalline is 6-7 cents cheaper than single crystal. Well, the single crystal is more pure, the power generation efficiency is higher, and the light sensitivity is high. However, polycrystals also have their benefits. There are also many haze days in the eastern coastal areas. Under such weather conditions, polycrystals have good tolerance, and sometimes the power generation is higher than that of single crystals. The generating capacity of 1KW is around 1200 degrees a year, depending on whether the roof orientation and the optimal inclination angle will fluctuate.



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