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Social Responsibility

Photovoltaic power for a better life
Committed to providing clean energy for the entire society, through the development and application of clean energy, to achieve harmonious economic, social and environmental progress, and create a better new life. 

Technological innovation
"Technological innovation" is the core responsibility of Jingtian Power. Adhere to technological innovation and keep pace with the times, so that enterprises can achieve rapid and sustainable development, and let Jingtian Power become the leader in the industry!

Respect for employees
Jingtian Power implements a people-oriented management policy, fully respects the value of employees, actively listens to the voices of employees, and values the physical and mental health and professional development of employees, so that every new person joining Jingtian can find a sense of belonging and win-win.

Thanks to society
Jingtian Power always embraces the heart of gratitude, gives heart to the society, and strives for more than the realization of the Chinese dream!



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