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Solar mosquito lamps

The solar mosquito killer lamp uses solar panels as a source of electricity, and uses insects to have strong characteristics of light trending, wave trending, color trending, and tropism to attract insects to the light source of the lamp. Kill the net to achieve the purpose of pest control.

Solar insecticidal lamp provides a reliable scientific and technological guarantee for the production of pollution-free high-quality agricultural products for the majority of crop planting bases, as well as obtaining organic certification and developing tourism ecological agriculture. It is a high-tech and pollution-free indoor pest control device.

main feature:

1. Large trap range and long service life

2. Good insecticidal effect and high killing efficiency

3. It has a wide range of applications and many types of functions. Applicable to various agricultural and forestry crops and grain fields. Cotton fields, vegetable fields, forest trees, flowers and orchards can be used.

4. Achieve pollution-free and reduce the burden on the people

5. Save energy and use safety

6. Reliable quality, convenient installation, economical and affordable

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