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In the middle of winter, standing on the mountain beam bordering Zuoyun County in the southern suburbs of Datong City, Shanxi Province, you can see rows of solar panels arranged neatly along the mountain, and it is spectacular against the blue sky. However, many years ago, this area was a coal mining subsidence area, with dense grounds, sloping houses, and rubble. Residents can't live with houses and cannot plant land.

In May 2019, the Eighth Meeting of the Central Committee of Comprehensive and Deepening Reform reviewed and approved the "Opinions on Pilot Projects for Comprehensive Reform of the Energy Revolution in Shanxi" (hereinafter referred to as "Pilot Opinions"), requesting Shanxi to use its demonstration in promoting the national energy revolution Leading role, promoting economic transformation and high-quality development in resource-based regions, enhancing energy security guarantee capabilities, and raising the level of green and low-carbon development. So far, Shanxi has pressed the “fast-forward key” for energy transformation, and the former “coal capital” accelerated its transformation to the “hydrogen capital” and “new energy industry capital”.

Seventy years after the founding of New China, Shanxi became the "coal boss" for 58 years, but the "one coal dominance" has also become a constraint to high-quality development. Realizing the clean and efficient development and utilization of coal is an obstacle that Shanxi's transformation and development cannot avoid. After reforms, Shanxi has accumulated 88.41 million tons of coal overcapacity in recent years, and the proportion of advanced coal production has increased from 36% to 68%. At the same time, a number of green mining pilots were launched, and intelligent transformation of coal mines and redevelopment of abandoned mines are on the agenda. Coal-based new materials and modern coal chemical industry are advancing steadily. Promotion.

It is worth noting that vigorously developing clean energy, continuously strengthening the construction of Jindian power transmission channels, and promoting the consumption of new energy are another major measure of the Shanxi energy revolution. After the reform, the installed capacity of new energy power generation in Shanxi Province has exceeded 20 million kilowatts, the scale of photovoltaic power generation is the largest in the country, the layout of the hydrogen energy industry has been accelerated, and the energy supply system has initially realized the transformation from a single coal-fired power generation to photovoltaic, wind power and other multi-wheel drive.

"At present, China is actively promoting unsubsidized parity for wind and photovoltaic power generation, and new energy development is entering a new era across major barriers." Zhang Jianhua, the director of the National Energy Administration, said that to promote the development of clean energy, we must make concerted efforts in construction and management. , Both need to be built and used. It is necessary to develop wind power photovoltaics in an orderly manner, reasonably grasp the scale and pace of development, and actively promote on-grid wind power and photovoltaic power generation prices to go online.

In May 2019, China issued a list of the first batch of wind power and photovoltaic power generation grid-connected projects with a total installed capacity of 20.76 million kilowatts. As of now, the approved wind power project capacity is 2.6 million kilowatts, 1.7 million kilowatts have been started, and 75 million kilowatts have been completed. The photovoltaic power generation project capacity has been recorded at 12.88 million kilowatts, 4.77 million kilowatts have been started, and 130,000 kilowatts have been completed. At the same time, China's energy system and mechanism innovation has also made new breakthroughs. Regarding the reform of the power system, we continued to promote the market-oriented trading of electricity, standardized the development of mid- and long-term market transactions, and steadily pushed forward the reform of the incremental power distribution business and the pilot construction of the power spot market. With regard to the reform of the oil and gas system, we have continued to promote upstream, downstream, and downstream reforms, cooperated with the establishment of a national oil and gas pipeline network company, and formulated and issued the Measures for the Fair and Open Supervision of Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Facilities to push the reform of oil and gas into a new stage.

According to reports, in 2020, relevant departments will continue to deepen the construction of the power market, further promote the construction of mid- and long-term power markets and ancillary service markets, solidly promote the trial operation of the construction of the spot market for electric power, accelerate the independent and standardized operation of power trading institutions, and further regulate incremental allocation Pilot of grid reform.

At the same time, we will accelerate the improvement of the oil and gas exploration and production management system, cooperate with the formulation of relevant access conditions, actively promote the formulation of competitive block transfer and withdrawal methods, improve the oil and gas pipeline network operation mechanism, focus on supporting the orderly transfer of pipeline network assets, and promote the country The oil and gas pipeline network company operated smoothly and improved the benefit sharing mechanism of pipeline business.



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